Customers always ask or want to know,

‘How much is a picture frame?’ or ‘How much would it be to frame this?’

I usually answer ‘How long is a piece of string?’ or ‘That depends.’.

If you want a simple, wooden frame that will be one price, if you want a wide, ornate, covered in gold leaf and made in Italy that will be another, higher, price. Framing is an expense but a good frame need not be expensive.

A good frame should complement its contents but should not overwhelm them. If you are looking at the frame or the framing then you are not looking at the picture.  A frame should fit in with where it is going to hang and with anything else that is already on the wall. If it clashes or looks wrong that is what you will notice every time you look at it. A good frame should also protect its contents for the future and should disaster strike the glass might shatter and the frame may break but hopefully the picture will survive to be reframed.

At the Kestrel Gallery and Studio we have years of framing experience and I am there to offer advice on framing everything from a family photograph to a whole exhibition.


Jason the framer.